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Mr.Fox is in the bedroom supposed to be getting ready to leave but instead he wanted to jerk off real quick. He pulls up some porn on his phone and begins to stroke his cock. Savannah bursts in and yells at him for not be ready to go out. She sees he is horny and pushes his phone out of his hand. Telling him that he should have just told her she’s horny too. He hesitates and she gets curious. After all he is with a porn star….He sighs and tells her their sex life hasn’t been that great lately, he wants to do more. She shakes her head at him steaming mad. He complains he doesn’t even want to go, and has a bad headache. She asks if he wants something to fix his headache. She pulls a mysterious pill out of her bag and tells him it will make him feel better. When he asks if its Advil or ibuprofen, she just laughs and says something like that, and slams the door behind her. *End scene, Mr.Fox groggily wakes up on his bed, alone. His vision is super bleary and he has trouble seeing straight. His brain feels really fuzzy and he can’t remember what happened last night. Did they go out? Did he drank to much and black out? Then he notices he is dressed differently and there is a masquerade mask on his face. He frantically searches his mind but can’t remember anything! He reaches in his pockets looking for his phone and maybe a clue about what happened. All of a sudden he hears a light clinking sound and the sound of the door creeping open. He looks up amazed to see a hot girl, wearing a mask as well! She dressed up like a sexy Arabian dancer and she seductively wiggles her body back and fourth. Now this is what he is talking about! She rolls her hips and rubs her big ass up and down grinding on his dick. She climbs onto his lap and tells him that he is allowed to touch, in fact that’s what she is here for… to be touched and used in filthy ways. She is his sex slave to command and he can take all 3 of her naughty fuck holes. She dances for him while he spanks her jiggling booty. She runs her finger down his pants and pulls his cock out for her warm wet mouth.  They 69 as her humps and rides his face, moaning and twitching in pleasure. He tastes her wet pussy and wants to bury his cock in it balls deep. No sooner then 45 seconds into fucking her she is already ready to cum! She creams as her eyes roll back in her head as she drenches him with her squirt. She begs for him to fuck the rest of the cum out of her! He thrusts hard, determined to fuck her pussy raw and then fuck her deep inside her asshole. Enjoy lots of hardcore action with tons of squirting, anal, gaping and creampie finish

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