Gassy Gym Girls

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Savannah has always been known for her juicy booty and fit physic. But she has been changing her diet to become super fit and healthy! She consulted her friend Skylar on some pointers. Skylar has been a fitness model and gave Savannah lots of good recipes and healthy shakes. Savannah has been looking and feeling great! There is just one problem… she can’t stop farting! All this “cleansing” and super heathy food has left her being non stop gassy, and the smell! She invites Skylar over to see her progress, but while she is showing off her body she lets a fart slip out! Embarrassed she confesses that the diet that Skylar has her on has made her have the worst gas of her life! Skylar pinches her nose shut against Savannahs stinky fart and gags a little. After she gets her breathe back, she begins giggling and tells Savannah it happens to her too! The price you pay for detoxing! she laughs and lets a fart rip of her own! The girls have made the room smell like straight ass! Luckily Savannah has her fart slave(pov) there to sniff and eat all her putrid farts, she invites Skylar to use her fart slaves face and mouth with her, however Skylar wants to! She wants to help her best friend out with her gassy problem’s..

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