Pervy poison Ink vs Wonder woman

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“Ah ha! I’ve finally found you!” declares wonder woman as she bounces into the ring. Pervy Poison Ink just smirks and lazily stretches. “Found me? No you followed my trail of bread crumbs that led you to exactly where I wanted you” Ink replies. Haven’t you noticed my beautiful, gritty and conveniently empty wrestling ring? You really get under my skin Wonder woman, you walk around acting like your just as powerful as Superman and the others. But really you only dressed in a leotard with a nice pair of tits! Ink screams with laughter at the look on Wonder woman face! What, you don’t think I could beat your right here and now? Wonder woman puffs up her chest and says she will destroy Ink. Pervy Poison agrees and immediately lunges for Wonder woman and takes her down in a choke hold. They roll around each trying to gain the upper hand. Pervy Poison wraps her sexy body around wonder woman pulling her tighter and closer into a crushing scissor hold. Wonder woman gets Ink against the ropes and works over her core. Pervy Poison cries out in pain but dose not let a few cracked ribs hold her back! She delivers some rope action of her own and even throws in a knee to the gut! Angered by Wonder woman hurting her she decides to cut to the quick with this goody two shows super heroine. Ink grabs and wrenches on Wonder woman’s tits! Stunned and humiliated Wonder woman breaks free. How dare Ink use her in such a manner! She had been warned that she uses her powers of seduction to win but she never excepted this! She heard the men’s whispers about how Pervy Poison Ink would climb on top of their faces and when she settled her pussy down, they would feel their powers being drained away from them! She thought it was just men being weak…but now this.. She feels so dirty as she see’s Pervy Poison Ink lick her lips and touch her pussy! What will she do? This is going to be her toughest fight yet!

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