Your ass is mine

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Savannah’s big booty has gotten her in trouble! It caught the eye of Cruel women with a immense desire for big juicy ass’s. She saw Savannah perfect booty on the internet and knew it had to be hers! She imagined what all that juicily booty meat would feel like… that ass was too amazing to share with the world. So in the middle of the night she took Savannah, bought her back to her lair and tied Savannah up! At last all that booty was hers! And it was as amazing as she though it would be! She played with each ass check, kneading , squeezing and massaging them. She couldn’t get enough! She had to rip herself away from Savannahs ass at the end of each night, but she kept Savanah down in her basement, visiting her every night. Coming down the stairs with a smile on her face as she imagined herself burying her face deep between those thick, meaty booty cheeks…

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